Why do I need a complete exam?

A complete exam is done every 3-5 years. It involves a detailed examination of your teeth, gums, and surrounding structures. A “physical” for your mouth.

Why do I need x-rays?

Taking x-rays at some recall appointments allows the dentist to check for cavities in-between the teeth which can’t be seen in the mouth and to check root structure. The frequency depends on conditions in the mouth.

Why do I need a crown?

A crown is recommended to protect a tooth that is fragile after root canal treatment or if the tooth has a large filling.

Why do I need a bridge?

A bridge is a non-removable way to replace a missing tooth.

Why do I need an implant?

An implant is a permanent way of replacing a missing tooth without affecting the adjacent teeth.

Why should I have white fillings vs. silver?

White fillings (composites) are recommended to help hold together weakened tooth structures. It is also done for aesthetics.

Why do I need fluoride?

Fluoride in the water is effective only for un-erupted teeth. Adults need topical fluoride to help prevent cavities and gum disease.

Why do I need sealants?

Sealants are a preventive procedure to prevent cavities in the grooves of the teeth.

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